Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is one of the diseases which threatens each and every person in the world, because it is a disease connected to our lifestyles.

I have a dream – to found a worldwide movement – Make Room for Love – a movement that calls people all over the world to help spread, learn and teach – disease prevention, lessening pain and stopping wars.

My name is Vered Birenbaum, a teacher and an Organizational consultant, born and raised in Israel. On July 2016 I recovered from breast cancer for the second time.

I believe in education and in Make Room for Love I wish to make the obvious connection between love and medicine, and to remind us all to be proactive in order to achieve life of clarity, openness and balance, a life of peace.

In the mean time, I share with you my own private journey, the journey of one woman who wishes to live in peace and in good health.

This Mandala is dedicated to all my friends who are struggling with breast cancer, the most beautiful and brave women in the world !

breast cancer awareness month

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