Clear Mind

clear mind

This is the first pillow of how to have more love, inspiration and balance in your life.

  • A Calm Mind is a Creative Mind

You can only calm your mind down with the help of the parasympathetic nervous system. Which means to learn to relax, to mediate and to use mindfulness tools. Tools that are simple and proven and have the power to affect your life positively the minute you apply them.

  • Every Thought Shapes our Lives

Thoughts are the foundation of all that we do in life. Very often we are not aware of our thoughts. Awareness and consciousness is the beginning of a new and more empowered life.

  • Dream BIG and start small

We only get inspired by goals that aktive “dopamine” in our brain. So learning how to set bigger goals (overcoming self limiting comfort zones) with the help of the “right” brain is the start of our best future. But then we also need to create first small action steps that bypass the “Fear-Brain” (our amygdala).

  • How do you want to live your life?