open heart

This is the second pillow of how to have more love, inspiration and balance in your life.

  • Are you happy?

What can we do to feel more inspiration and fascination? And what can we do with our burdening feelings and emotions? There are very simple ways to feel more excited about our life and future. And there are also very effective and again very simple tools to reduce pressure, stress and fear.

  • Fall in love with your life

Every life is unique. It can not be compared to some one else’s life. And it all starts by accepting one’s current reality and by accepting yourself who you really are. By learning to accept our authentic core and living our authentic core. This is why we were born. To express our uniqueness and to offer our unique skills and abilities to the world.

  • Sometimes I win – sometimes I learn

Self-confidence is a muscle. With focussed and deliberated practice it will grow. To continuously develop our self-confidence is easier than most people think. It does not take much and it is not very complicated. There are simple tools like the confidence-loop and the 5-star exercise that have a very empowering and profound affect.

  • How do you want to live your life?