Make room for love

Make room for love

Learning to be more conscious and aware to all the good things that shape our lives!

  • Relax nothing is under control

The quality of our thinking is not only affected by the quality of our thoughts but also by the quality of our mental energy. Our daily mental energy that we need for our focus, mindfulness and creative thinking is finite. So if we are not able to recover and relax during our regular day how can we keep our mental energy high?

  • Lead your Life

We can learn so much from stories. And our stories (here is Vered’s story) and (and here is Klaus’s story) express so much about who we are and what we want to do in life. We love to hear your story. Because every story is important. Share your story with us by clicking on this link.

  • Simplify your Life

What makes life often so hard and difficult is that we think it cannot be simple. This is why we are offering programs and workshops that deliver the tools and concept to to simplify your life. Please let us know what topics and issues interest you the most. Help us by sharing your hopes and wishes. Tell us what you are interested in to learn more about by clicking on this link.